The variety of gypsum boards in Canaan guarantees you countless options to choose from. Contact one of our Canaan affiliates and our  plaster experts will recommend you

Looking for an acoustic and unique solution to your ceiling? In Canaan you can find a variety of solutions from various materials with different acoustic responses

Correct acoustics in space makes all the difference.
In Canaan you will find a wide range of acoustic solutions for any purpose. Noise isolation or noise absorption.
We will be happy to help and guide you in everything related to acoustics and the required solutions.

We will be happy to help and guide you in everything related to acoustics and the required solutions.

Choosing the right color will make all the difference in your project. We offer a wide range of training so you can choose the best one for you. Canaan Center is at your disposal

If you need manual or electrical tools, in Canaan you will find a huge variety of tools from the leading manufacturers in the market

About us

Canaan Center is the leading chain in Israel for the marketing of building products and finished materials since 1997. Our customers are our top priority and we are committed to helping them successfully complete the renovation or construction of the house.

Whether you are homeowners or professional contractors, we have the materials you need.

At Canaan Center, our professional team of experts is available to our customers with creative ideas, recommendations and training, in all aspects of construction and renovation.

Please contact us for assistance in selecting materials for the renovation or construction of your next project.

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Need and quality finished products? In Canaan you will find many solutions in the field of sealing, insulation, plasterers and more, a variety of products from the leading brands in the finishing products market.



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