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How it all started

Canaan Center is Israel's leading professional network for building and renovation products. The company, founded in 1997, is constantly growing and expanding its product portfolio and sales centers for the convenience of its customers.

The company has seven sales and distribution centers spread throughout the country, from Nesher in the north to Be'er Sheva in the south. The sales and distribution agents network, the logistics center and the chain's management are located in Holon.
The nationwide deployment together with the largest fleet of trucks in the industry enable us to provide a quick and professional response to our customers at almost every point in the country.

As a leader in innovation and professionalism, Canaan Center conducts training and training for its clients, contractors and architects and designers. The consulting and training system is available to customers in the areas of paint and coverings, acoustics, construction systems and more. 

What we offer

The network offers a wide range of complementary materials and products in the field of interior finishes: gypsum and its products All types of gypsum boards, including the denzglas board - the original external construction board, cement plates, tin profiles and a selection of professional accessories. Mineral and fiberglass ceilings, metal and plaster, service openings, profiles and professional ceiling accessories. Pressure bolts in exclusive import - plaster screws, tin-tin screws, Dibble screws, cement screws and more - in the world's leading quality.
Colors and accessories for painting - exterior and interior colors, decorative colors, wood and metal colors, colored shlichat, effects and more.
Decorative cornices - decorated, smooth, flat, flexible, rosettes, cornices, columns,  ornaments and more.
Doors and accessories - solid wood, veneer, doors wrapped, formica, plywood and doors according to order.
Click-Net Products is the exclusive importer and distributor of a series of click-service products, acoustic ceilings, screws, cornices and more.

Canaan Center is the sole importer and representative in Israel of Saint Gobain Adphores, SoundMicro (acoustic tiles), VERTEX (St.Gobain), Georgia Pacific building boards and more.

For a list of branches and working hours, click here  

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